Proposals to Adopt, Amend or Repeal Certain AHFSS Regulations

California Building Standards Commission (CBSC)

No actions are proposed by the Department of Food and Agriculture, Animal Health and Food Safety Services, at this time. For recent actions taken by the CBSC, please visit their website at:

Milk and Dairy Food Safety Branch - Petition for Rulemaking

The Department of Food and Agriculture (Department), Animal Health and Food Safety Services, Milk and Dairy Food Safety Branch, is in receipt of a petition for rulemaking for temporary standards for two products from Lyrical Foods, Inc. The Department has set the matter for a public hearing via written brief. The deadline for submittal of comments is contained in the Notice of Public Hearing posted below.

Animal Health Branch - Proposed Rulemaking

Equine Medication Monitoring Program.

The Department of Food and Agriculture, Animal Health Branch, Equine Medication Monitoring Program (EMMP) proposes changes to Chapter 6, Division 2 of Title 3 of the California Code of Regulations to increase fees for each horse entered in public events, competitions, and sales, effective January 1, 2020. The 45-day public comment period for this proposal ended June 3, 2019. The Department published a 15-day notice of modifications to the regulation text and documents added to the rulemaking file, and made the regulation text and documents added available for public comment ending September 9, 2019. This proposal has been approved by the Office of Administrative Law and will become effective January 1, 2020. Please reference the “EMMP Fees Final Approved Text” as posted below.

    Any person may request a copy of the following documents by emailing the program at

  • STD-399 with Attachment
  • Material Relied Upon
  • Documents Added to the Rulemaking File

AHFSS - Informal Hearings Proposed Regulations

The Department is amending its informal hearing regulations under CCR Title 3, which provides a list of the Food and Agricultural Code sections where the Department may utilize its internal, informal hearing process, as well as providing information on informal hearing proceedings. Any person may submit a comment on the proposal by 5 PM, October 15, 2019, according to the instructions contained in the Notice web document posted below.

For a complete set of California regulations, visit the California Code of Regulations web site.

For Information on regulations pertaining to interstate movement of animals, including California, check the USDA state regulations page.

For more specific questions about California interstate movement regulations, please call 916–651–6278 Monday through Friday 8–5 pm pacific time.

For a complete set of Federal Government Regulations, visit the Code of Federal Regulations web site.

For international regulations call the USDA Veterinary Services office at: 916–854–3900 Monday through Friday from 7:30 to 4:00 or visit the USDA Veterinary Services websites for: Import or Export .


California's agricultural abundance is a reflection of the people who made the Golden State their home. In the process, they brought their agricultural heritage with them. Early California farmers and ranchers were the Spanish missionaries, followed by Mexicans, Japanese, Chinese and Russians. Today, nearly every nationality is represented in California agriculture.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture strives to support this tradition of innovation and agricultural diversity by working with private industry, academia and public sector agencies. These partnerships allow the department to adapt public policy to a rapidly changing industry — California agriculture.