Pollinator Protection

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Protecting Pollinator Health

Border Protection Station Information


Permits for pollinators, such as Bombus Impatiens, Common Eastern Bumblebee, Osmia lignaria, Blue Orchard Bee and other Pollinators:

The transportation into or within California of nonexempt pollinators requires a state permit. State permits are issued to California residents or businesses by the CDFA, Division of Plant Health and Pest Prevention Services, Permits and Regulations Program.

California Food and Agriculture Code Section 6305 makes it unlawful for any person to ship live insects, except those listed in California Code of Regulations (CCR) Section 3558, into the State without a permit. CCR Section 3558 contains a list of insects for which a permit is NOT required for shipping or transporting into the State. Many pollinators are not on this list. A summary of this list is maintained in the CDFA Plant Quarantine Manual.

County Apiary Services

For the following county apiary services, please contact your county agricultural commissioner's office.

  • Hive Inspection (General)
  • Inspection (Incoming Hives)
  • Hive Registration
  • Hive Certification - to obtain phytosanitary certification for hives leaving state
  • Notification of Pesticide Application
  • Disease Treatments
  • Enforcement of Citrus/Bee Protection Area regulation (California Code of Regulations, Section 6656)

County Agricultural Commissioners & Sealers Contact Information

Local ordinances may exist. To determine if a county maintains a local ordinance, contact the local County Agricultural Commissioner's office.

Africanized Honeybee

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